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Flexi bag

The disposable flexitanks make it possible to offer customer some sort of favourable service at a quite lower cost and the highest possible payload. It's the new tendency from the bulk liquid transportation.Many of us only use original premium quality raw materials for all our merchandise. our flexitank using multiple co-extruded polyethylene blown video which are approved by FDA, EC and Food Safety Technique Certification 22000. The outer part is made of one piece of smooth tubular PP woven which will strengths the overall intensity in the flexitank.


Flexi bag

Much less expensive than others bulk liquefied packaging options.
Disposable packaging- a new tank every time, you should not wash or return.
Simple and quick fitting, saves loading a moment labor costs.
Compatible with virtually all the nonhazardous liquid merchandise.
Product handing versatility with an increase of payload performance.
Environmentally friendly, entirely recyclable.MOREOVER, OUR FLEXITANK HAS FOLLOWING FEATURES:
Flexitank and bulkhead designs come in accordance with COA codes of practice.
PAS 1008: 2016 Certified.
Association of yankee Railroads (AAR) impact analyze approved.
Special "Seat Valve" for safer flexitank bottom level valve fitting.
25000liters involving flexitank allows more productivity of shipping.
Global companies network and professional tech support team.
Custom-made and special the design of individual customer.
Fully guaranteed.